ALFA Issue No. 2

Released on
April 21st, 2017

ALF Annual Issue No. 2 is a collaborative publication of visual stimulation, cultural advancements, and literary supplements.

Featuring works by:

Aaron Whitney Bjork, Andrew Cortes, Carl Marcus, Chad Imes, Charlie Crush, David Ruggeri, Dinu Bratean, Foniks, J.L. Coffinwasher, Jake Gombis, Jared Pittack, Jefferson Harris, Jordan Jackson, Juliette Toma, Justin Alexander Tuan Smith, Leslie Bernadine, Lil Kool, Lorenza Centi, Luca Salvatori, Marisa Ueda, Mr Wright, Nathan MotzkoOdysseus Wolken, Olof Melander, Ralf Henderson, Santos Felipe Parcs, Smet V, Sofya Levina, Yardsale, and Teva Cheema.

6″x 8″, 200 Pages, Color with foil stamped covers, perfect bound. Edition of 250. 2017.