ALFA Issue No. 3

ALF Annual Issue No. 3 is a collaborative publication of visual stimulation, cultural advancements, and literary supplements.

Featuring works by:

Brad Dugan, Carl Marcus, Christopher Martin, Elevator Teeth, Esan Sommersell, Fugazy, George(s), Hal Smith, Jahandar Hamidieh, Jake Vanden Berge, Jared Pittack, J’Brett Cousteau, Kenny Meyers, Leslie Bernadine, LilKool, Nina Mudarri, Ruby Domino, Samantha Ashcraft, Vladimir Smetlinski, Toi Whakairo, and Will De La Rosa.

Cover by Will De La Rosa

6″x 8″, 154 Pages, Full Color, perfect bound. Edition of 250. 2018.