ALFA Issue No. 1

Released on
December 1st, 2014

ALF Annual Issue No. 1 is a collaborative publication of visual stimulation, cultural advancements, and literary supplements.

Featuring works by:

Jeffrey Cheung, Yardsale, Jin Young Choi, Derrick Oldman, Ann LeMuzae Sesay, Joseph Shane, Ken Lorenzo, Lester Del Ray, Charlie Crush, J.L. Coffinwasher, Todd Jr., Erik Zepka, Kenny Myers, Smet V, Maudry Vallens, Edward Zipco, Santos F Parcs, noa-, Kati Ledar, Ed Fuzuka, Christian Riechert, Jared Pittack, & More.

Cover art by Muzae Sesay.

6″x 8″, 176 Pages, Color with hand stamped and screen printed covers, perfect bound. Edition of 250. 2016.