ALFQ Issue No. 1

In The Store: ALF Quarterly Issue No. 1. Featuring Strangeloop, Vince Moy, Carissa Garcia, Gen Nonsense, Corbin Clarke, Arthur Phillips, Coze, Paul Delmont, Synesthete, Smet V, Food Filters by Dr. James H. Croley, and Rylicicyxian Hand Tattoos and more. Earwax Q/A inclues Jaylotus, Drewmin, Astrological, Sherpaa, Gypsy Mamba, and N.O.M.A.D. Comes with a flyer for The Corpit Lunch In.

8″x 5.25″, 142 Pages, B/W with screen printed heavy cardstock cover, string bound. Hand numbered edition of 100. 2012.

Access the digital archive here.