ALFQ Issue No. 4

Released on
October 1st, 2013

ALF Quarterly Issue No. 4. Featuring Hampton BoyerolsaYzara, Clifford Berryman, James Kristofik, photos from Ralf Henderson, a story from Justin Alexander Tuan Smith, post deletionist poems from Leslie Bernadine, an illustrated guide to well preserved bodies and a lot more. Earwax Q/A features All These Fingers, Northern Draw, Boats, Roymedoe, C.Cheall, Shannon Phone and Thurber. Includes a flyer for JB’s Seaside Fish Market.

7.5″x 5.25″, 128 Pages, B/W with hand colored heavy teal, gold, and orchid cardstock covers, and a hand painted/drawn boot sticker affixed to the inside cover. String bound. Edition of 250. 2013.

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