ALFQ Issue No. 5

In The Store: ALF Quarterly Issue No. 5. Featuring works from Matt Parchinski, Shawn Whisenant, Rebecca Heikkila, Tristan Cruz, Sean Findley and more. Writings from Senay Kenfe, Jon Anderson, Milton Wazmo, James Kristofik, and a photo compilation of decorated death machines. Earwax Q/A features Ashtrejinkins, Luviia, Ultragash, Holm, Corbo, and Xan Akroyd. Includes a flyer for Ceremony of the Lands.

Cover art by Matt Parchinski.

7.5″x 5.25″, 104 Pages, B/W with heavy cardstock covers affixed with a vinyl sticker, string bound. Edition of 250. 2013.

Access the digital archive here.