ALFQ Issue No. 7

Released on
June 28th, 2014

ALF Quarterly Issue No. 7. Includes works by J.L CoffinwasherCarson LancasterPadaric Kolander, Mychal Alva, Krem’eov Zomyungai, Daniel Trudeau, Harvey Valentine, Bascom Jones, JR and more. Earwax Q/A features Antoje, Christopher Jion, DTCPU, Ewonee, Mark Aubert, Sleepyeyes, and Zeroh. Includes a flyer for Giordone Foxglove.

7.5″x 5.25″, 112 Pages, B/W with heavy cardstock cover, string bound. Hand Stamped and Numbered Edition of 250. 2014.

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