ALFQ Issue No. 8

Released on
November 7th, 2014

ALF Quarterly Issue No. 8. Featuring BjorkyVivian FuDave Ruggeri, Sunday Morning, Strange Winter, Chris Hund, AKA47 and more of course. The Earwax Q/A with Jota Ese, Layerface, Aaron Maxwell, Bluezr, Canooooopy, James Matthew, TMCT, Fumitake Tamura (Bun), Chambry, Gee Weaver, Eighty9s, Pregnant, Dongoldman, Headband, and Manofue Wurdz. Includes a flyer for the Grocery Club Meeting.

Contained within one of two alternate covers with artwork by Chris Hund.

7.5″x 5.25″, 136 Pages, B/W with heavy cardstock cover, string bound. Edition of 250. 2014.

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