ALFQ Issue No. 9

Released on
December 1st, 2014

ALF Quarterly Issue No. 9. Features works by Nick Norman, Senay Kenfe, Matt Flood, Justin Alexander Tuan Smith, Lindsay McMinnDang Wayne Olsen, Northerndraw, Inga Schunn, Ruby Domino, ERO and a lot more. The Earwax Q/A highlights DJ Mr. Boy, Most Deaf, BRRD, Dwight Lighter and SUS Jesus. Physical copies come with a bonus insert for Big Steves Mantis Dealership.

This issue features two alternate covers by Inga Schunn and Dang Wayne Olsen.

7.5″x 5.25″, 116 Pages, B/W with heavy cardstock cover, string bound. Edition of 250. 2015.